Bas Schleijpen

Who are you?

Bas Schleijpen, 1994.


QuizMaker: QuizMaker allows you to create your own quiz. It works very easy: just choose the quiz name and fill in the questions. Other people can join your quiz by going to a link or by searching for it. The score is tracked by the app and the winner will be calculated automatically. Perfect to use during your lesson, presentation, speech or at a party. For companies and big events, QuizMaker is the ultimate partner for quizzes, because QuizMaker offers highly customized and branded quizzes. The quizzes are in the style of the company, after the wishes of the customer.

Quizzicals, EESEE: I have created various websites and apps. Some of these projects I have done alone, some together with other entrepreneurs. Cool projects include the “BTW berekenen app” (VAT calculator app), (an online magazine) and The Website Story App. the marketplace for used study books. I created this website together with Joris van Rijn, because we thought there was no nice way to sell or buy used books at the TU/e.

Educational background

I study Psychology & Technology at the TU/e.

My goal

To enjoy what I do, every day.