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René de Torbal is a patent writer, certified searcher and mediator.


I am very good in performing a cost-effective novelty search for your invention. Furthermore, I passionately guide and write your patent applications. I focus mainly on start-ups, such as yourself, because I can easily place myself in your specific challenges and situation.

Technical sectors in which I operate include: Mechanical engineering, electronics, ICT, medical technology and the automotive industry.

Student entrepreneurs from STARTUP/eindhoven will receive free counseling for the first hour. For those students I also offer a 25% discount on the hourly rate (which is currently €100,- ex VAT), until the 1st of September 2015.

Next to working in the patent industry, I am also a certified mediator (Raad van Mediators, ADR). As a mediator I offer an alternative and highly effective method for resolving a dispute.

If you ever find yourself in a business-, labour- or personal dispute, then I will make parties come together to work it out.


“Patents for all”.

I believe that everyone has the right to honest patent counseling and to an excellent patent, for a fair price. Your business’ interest always comes first.

Passion – quality – involvement