Entrepreneur: Joost Aanen

Who are you?

Joost Aanen, 1991,



Eventix is a new entrant in the market of ticketing services. We provide a platform for event organizers to sell tickets, and verify them at the door. Why are we different? We give organizers 24/7 full control over their ticket sales via our online dashboard. Scanning tickets at door is done using a smartphone app developed for iPhone, as well as Android. This allows organizers to use their own phone, and save costs on expensive scanning equipment.
Eventix provides a lean and complete service with the lowest service costs available in the Netherlands. Experience our service through the demo on our website: http://eventix.nl/demo


Promotiebrillen.nl offers durable promotional sunglasses for all sorts of organizations; from student organizations, to football clubs.


RijschoolRegister is an online platform where consumers can search and compare driving schools in the Netherlands. The platform aims to aid in the selection process by providing transparency and objectively ranking driving schools.


With useradapted we are bringing the possibility of prescriptive analytics to the public. The platform provides a plugin for websites that will make them recognize and react to a user even before any content is shown. Imagine a website that knows what laptop and browser you use, that knows your local time, language, location, age,  and whether you are good with technology or not. We could make websites so much more user friendly, when we tailor them towards the visitor.

Educational background

  • Industrial Design – TU/e
  • Innovation Management – TU/e


My greatest inspiration I have gotten from Evolution, being a self-sustaining system, ever evolving towards a ‘better version’. This is something I try to incorporate into my business vision. I want to build self-sustaining services, that once they are developed, take on a life of their own.


Entrepreneurship gives me responsibility over my actions, for better or worse. In the long run I want to gain the luxury of doing what and whenever I like; independence, and freedom.