Entrepreneur: Joris van Rijn

Who are you?

Joris van Rijn, 15 nov 1995


Hi, my name is Joris and I’m a freelance developer who focusses on large systems, innovative apps and complex websites. I try to make my works such that my client is happy and I’m proud. Clients include hospitals, universities and the government. Not only do I provide services, I’m also responsible for my ‘own projects’ like the Kwaliteitsregister (www.kwaliteitsregister.net) and TU/e boeken (www.tueboeken.nl).

My passion for ICT started when I was 8. With Microsoft Frontpage I created my first website. Although I had achieved nothing – I was unbelievably proud. Around the age of 10, the simple websites got a bit more complex. I figured that some ‘designing’ wouldn’t do anymore, so I explored the area of programming. After my first ‘Hello world’ program, I accomplished something new, which made me feel contented.

When I turned 15, my portfolio consisted of a few websites which I made for free. I figured that I could make some money out of it. Around that time the entrepreneur inside me woke up. I started to work as an official registered ZZP’er. Up until that time I’ve never felt more satisfied.

I seem to like feeling proud. That is why my mission is to ‘make my works such that my client is happy and I am proud’. I try to accomplish something new every time – I try to innovate in order to feel proud.

After finishing a project I think back to when I was 8. I had accomplished nothing – and I was still proud. It reminds me that although something may seem perfect and complete to me, it can always be better. So I never allow my pride to last long. Filled with modesty I start on a new project – and I’m determined to make this project better.

Educational background

Psychology & Technology, Innovation Sciences, TU/e.