Entrepreneur: Max Aerts

Max Aerts

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Website: http://www.findur.nl

Who are you?

Max Aerts




A new shopping platform designed for consumers, with a focus on maximum convenience. Our mission is to create a new way of cross channel fashion shopping.

Educational background

Industrial design TU Eindhoven 2012-current

Biomedical Sciences KU Leuven 2011 – 2012

VWO 2009-2011

Havo 2004-2009


I am inspired by the “founder” of lean manufacturing, Taiichi Ohno. “ One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time.” — From Taiichi Ohno

I am also inspired by aviation pioneer Howord Huges, his determination, perseverance and belief in himself is something I admire.


My goal is to distress an over rushed society by making convenient and intuitive interactions and user interfaces.