Nicolas Nelson

Who are you?

Nicolas MacKenzie Nelson, 1989


Surprisely and Brendan&MacKenzie

Surprisely is a social application. Using an elegant interface, it enables people to share and interact in a new, fun, more personal and meaningful manner. Users create digital ‘surprises’ that can be given to friends or family members as an expression of friendship and affection. A surprise can be made by taking a picture or video, combining it with a text message and/or illustration and adding a (real) friend or group of friends as receiver. The surprise can then be ‘placed’ at a specific location in the world for the friend or group of friends to be found. The surprise will only be found when the intended receiver passes by the location where it was placed for him/her.

Surprisely can be used as a fun way to surprise friends at unexpected locations, organise a ‘treasure hunt’ or ‘geocache trek’, as a reminder tool for yourself(when you get home to put out the trash), to let friends know you are nearby or as a way to share a special moment at a specific location. As a company, we aim to be a leader in the coming ‘personal and context aware world’. The opportunities are out there, but most companies have not fully embraced them yet. We believe Surprisely is a first, accessible, big step towards this new world. The overall concept behind Surprisely goes beyond what it is now and will spawn new and interesting products and services for communicating and doing business.

Educational background

Master of Science in Industrial Design, TUE


Elon Musk; a serial entrepreneur. By starting small he was able to grow gradually towards greater goals such as space travel and electric cars. He kept believing in his dreams and literally invested all he had. To me, this believe in what you are doing, is the true spirit of an entrepreneur.


I want to create a working environment in which everyone enjoys and believes in what he or she is working on with colleges. Openness, intrinsic motivation and own initiative are key factors for an organisation that continuously improves and innovates.