Ronald Nanninga


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Business planning, development and execution in health, med- or biotech and IT

Working experience

  • Currently CEO of abcdeSIM and Founder and CEO of VirtualMedschool,

Our call for fame is : VirtualMedSchool the next level in medical education. What flight simulators did for the safety of the Airline industry we are doing for Healthcare.

  • Previously Involved in several Erasmus MC Biotech spinoffs,
  • Coach at YES!Delft Launchlab
  • Coach at Rotterdam School of Management (bachelor Strategic Business plan and master Entrepreneurship)
  • Advisory board member of startups


Working with motivated people on startup (ideas) is a source of inspiration. What I deliver is experience, network ands a pragmatic approach. What I love is simplifying complex concepts, so we all get the message. What I learn it the latest developments in technology and startup theory.