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Who are you?

Stephan Poelsma, 1969, Strategic Communication Director & Business Developer


Achievement, advantage, analysis, apps, barter, big data, business, capital, big cities, cloud, commerce, communication, communities, competitive, concept, customization, creative, data, design, economics, experience, finance, global, graphic, growth, idea, info, innovation, internet, investment, leader, life, management, marketing, mobile, multimedia, network, online, open, partnership, people, presentation, profit, sales, social, solution, strategy, structure, success, team, transaction, trends, trust.

Working experience

Stephan started working at Staples and consequently worked at Jansen MI Consultants. He then joined ORTEC for a longer period where he became branche manager. Since 2007 he has been working with DPI in Scheveningen where he is strategic communication director. Stephan is also a co-founder of Winnaars van Nederland, a platform where all Dutch winners of skills and knowledge awards will be presented.


Helping young people, getting things done, sharing knowledge and being successful.