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Who are you?

Timo van Dooremaal, 04-08-1991

Educational background

Graduated from the Bachelor program Industrial Engineering with a minor in Finance & Risk. Currently studying the Master program Operations Management & Logistics.


As an Operations Management student your goal is to make the world  more efficient. The same goes for me, not only in projects but in my everyday life as well. My inspiration and enthusiasm therefore comes from kind of a strange place: inefficiency. As soon as I see something that is not running efficiently, ranging from an enormous car factory to your local sandwich shop, I want to dive right in and improve the process.


Usually when you start a project the client already has some idea of how he or she wants to fix the problem at hand. Stepping away from such a solution and coming up with completely new out of the box solutions and to see that your client is even happier with that is what I like about the kind of projects the SURE team handles. Furthermore, being able to use your very up-to-date University knowledge in a real business environment is an opportunity for me as a student, since I can get valuable working experiences out of it, and beneficial for the clients as well since students will shine an entirely new light on their problems.