Dennis Dielissen

Who are you?

Dennis Dielissen, 1991.


Dielissen Internet Solutions. I’ve developed websites and online software ever since primary school. The last couple of years my focus is on content management for both websites and web shops. I’ve been developing the most efficient and intuitive CMS, in which there is a 1-to-1 relation between viewing and editing the website.

Recently, I started to offer a full-service for narrowcasting too. In cooperation with actual users I’m developing a system for managing and playing slideshows that works the easiest as possible.

Educational background

Currently Bachelor Psychology & Technology, Innovation Sciences.

Inspiration & goal

Daily-life problems inspire me to come up with solutions, particularly for problems related to managing content. Though technologies enable us to design and develop systems in which the user interface is completely unrelated to the software architecture, users often have to adapt their way of working to the systems they use. My goal is to reduce these barriers by designing systems from the perspective of users and building the architecture around that.