Gert-Jan Kloppers

Who are you?
Gert-Jan Kloppers, 1960


  • Strategic management & strategic business planning
  • International business development
  • Sales & marketing management
  • Experience and expertise mostly in BtBo & BtoBtoC and less in BtoC
  • General technical level/ sectors but not High-tech:¬†general industry, construction, etc.

Working experience

Entrepreneurial and international Managing Director with commercial signature: my passion is inspiring and developing people in an international, technical and entrepreneurial environment. I believe in people-empowerment through trust, integrity, stretching by hard work together and then recognition, in a continuous improvement cycle. Take responsibility, courage and persist in challenging ultimate customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction with sustainable processes (the Toyota-model).

My leadership-style is entrepreneurial, ambitious and direct, open and informal, visionary and pragmatic. Worked in North-American and European industrial companies, both stock exchange, private equity and family-owned companies mostly in general management and/ or commercial roles.


Like to share my experience and network with the new generation of enthusiastic and energetic entrepreneurs-to-be. Share the positive optimism and energy to create your entrepreneurial and sustainable contribution to society. And I will get energy and will learn from the new generation in return.