Martijn Timmermans

Who are you?

Martijn Timmermans, born in 1993

Educational background

Currently MSc. student Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in Control Systems Technology

BSc. in Mechanical Engineering

Certificate in Technology Management


I am inspired by simple, practical solutions for seemingly complex problems. By being innovative and creative one can come up with smart solutions for technical problems. This is a mindset that is taught to mechanical engineering students here at the TU Eindhoven.


What I enjoy about being an Intrapreneur is that I can apply the state-of-the-art knowledge that I gather during my study in practice by providing technical solutions to companies in different projects. Success in a project for me is to surprise the client by coming up with a solution that they would never had thought of which solves there problem perfectly.
From being an Intrapreneur I want to obtain useful work experience in my fields of study and interest which will increase my value to companies after I graduate.