Entrepreneur: Stef Schenkelaars



Website:  www.synclair.eu


Synclair Prime Advice

Synclair’s specific focus is on small- and medium-sized companies which need help in increasing their efficiency, support in their planning and policy development efforts, fraud detection and human resources issues. Besides that, we offer services in business plan development.

Educational background

MSc Organization Studies & Relaciones Internacionales (Spanish)


My big inspiration is an uncle of mine, who also is a consultant in our company. He has decades of experience in combating corruption all over the world for organizations like the UN and Unicef.


What do you want to achieve, as an entrepreneur? What does success look like for you?

My goal is to be considered an expert in the work that fascinates me: increasing efficiency by creating sustainable organizational structures to prevent intra organizational fraud. Success would be achieving this goal.