Teun van Roessel

Who are you?

Teun van Roessel, 23-09-1987


Studio Roes: Design studio that focusses on ideation and concept development for graphic, web and product design. Currently the main project is the Energy Generation project. This project is about developing a toy system with the goal to teach young children about energy. The clients are schools and in a later stage, consumers.

Educational background

Higher Education Mechanical Engineering Avans Hogeschool sʼHertogenbosch
Bachelor Industrial Design University of Technology Eindhoven
Master Industrial Design University of Technology Eindhoven


The power that playfulness has in changing the behaviour of people inspires me. A great example of how this can be done is The Fun Theory by Volkswagen (http://www.thefuntheory.com/).


Succes for me as an entrepreneur is enough leverage as a company to bring ideas to concepts and prototypes relatively quick and inspire and trigger society to change in ways necessary to improve the world we live in.