Lucas Klerk

Who are you?

Lucas Klerk, 1988



Kinegrity is a start-up company founded by Lucas Klerk and Peter Koelewijn. Kinegrity represents a design solution for a kinetic energy producing structure. The self-supporting lightweight roof structure tilts solar panels towards the sun for an increased energy production up to 30%. In addition, the energy-generating canopy will provide benefits for the functioning of the space below as carport, exhibition space, electric charging point, event canopy, etc.

The convergence of multiple land use, lightweight construction and a dynamic interaction with the sun, results in an eye-catcher for sustainability and innovation.

Klerk Engineering

After graduating BBE, at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Lucas Klerk started an engineering company called Klerk Engineering in 2011. Architectural drawings, 3D renderings, permit application, energy labels, multi-year maintenance plans are daily jobs.

Rational engineering, engineering as close to the clients wishes as possible.

Educational background

BBE, bachelor of built environment, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, 2006-2010

MSC, master building technology, Technical University of Eindhoven, 2011-2014


I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, my father has a construction management company and my younger brother has a sole proprietorship for which he creates websites and corporate identities.


The world will be totally different in say 20 years, I can’t stand the thought of not contributing to that change. My goal is to earn enough money to provide for myself while contributing to that change in the sustainable direction.