Eline van den Haak

Who are you?

Eline van den Haak, 18-12-1995

Business idea/Company

Haak Innovations BV is a company made up of student from different universities and fields. We will create products that fulfil  a market driven need for innovations and problem solving. With this we will not only satisfy customer needs but also aid society.
Motto: Innovative Problem Solving

Educational background

Industrial engineering and management sciences.


Having lived all over the world as an expat , I was exposed to many different cultures and societies. I believe this was essential in shaping my personality of determination, problem solving, eagerness to learn  and open-mindedness.  Seeing all these differences over the world lead me to combine the best of all countries and develop solutions applicable to a certain situation. Problem solving became a second nature!


Solving problems in the engineering field of agriculture, energy and transportation with unparalleled thinking.