Roel Verdonschot

Who are you?

Roel Verdonschot, 1993

Business idea/Company

MijnDiAd or “Mijn Digitale Administratie” (translation: My Digital Administration) is offered as a SaaS solution to manage digital administration for alternative medicine. MijnDiAd’s core business consists of client administration, invoice and cost management and appointment scheduling. The main focus when developing for MijnDIAd is to create a simple and effective solution.

Monipal is a student house management application where you can keep track of all your shared activities.
Cost management: All expenses are automatically distributed among the housemates, in a glance you can see the balance between your housemates.
Dinner planner: Every housemate can easily choose whether they want to cook tonight or if they are joining for dinner.
Task list: Divide all your tasks within your house very easily among all housemates via task management.

Educational background

Bachelor ICT & Software engineering (Fontys University of Applied Sciences)