Debayan Chakraborty

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Who are you?

Debayan Chakraborty, 29.08.1993

Educational background

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering [ 2011-2015]  ( SRM University, India)

Masters in Automotive Technology [ 2015 – 2017]  (Eindhoven University of Technology)


I get inspired by people who have shown that its not impossible to achieve greatness in the field one is in ,no matter what happens.and how hard the situation is. One example is Soichiro Honda who has shown the world nothing is impossible if you want to achieve something. Even after getting rejected by Toyota for a job, Mr Honda single handedly transformed his garage to a world class company which is now known for its innovation in the field of automobiles. Another such example would be Mr Steve Jobs. Such people inspire me a lot to strive and work towards my dreams and ambitions.


My professional goal is to work in the automotive industry in the Research and Development field (R&D) related to autonomous vehicles or user centered engineering.

I plan to specialize for the same in my masters and then in future proceed for Ph.D so that I can gain enough knowledge to  work in the research field in the Automotive industry and thus help the industry achieve more innovations for the future and thus help it grow better.

I have no plans as of now ( for the next 5 years) for a startup of my own but maybe in future when I have gained enough knowledge and experience, I would like to start up a company which specializes in innovations in the domain I am working on ( for example – TomTom, Apple ).