Jeffrey Bottse

5865 Bottse Jeffrey

Who are you?

Jeffrey Bottse, 1993

Educational background

Master Sustainable Energy Technology. (MSc)

Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, specialization in finance

Degree: BSc Innovation Sciences


As a student with a background in Innovation Sciences my central goal is to work towards a sustainable future. New technologies are essential for this development, but a good idea for technology is not everything. I am inspired by seeing enthusiastic people work on innovative products and processes within small and large companies, and consequently break through the market barrier and become successful by thinking outside the box.


My greater goal is guiding the development of innovations by combining technical, economical, political and social aspects in order to create a sustainable society. In current days this translates to gaining knowledge on the University and learning to be able to apply this knowledge in the corporate world. If we work hard, we will learn from everything we do. I want to deliver results, while going beyond expectancies.