Pieter Hordijk

Who are you?

My driving force is connecting people. I find it most exciting when I am able to think about and execute my creative ideas. By humour I try to take the world seriously. I have a positive mindset and love to join forces to work on a collective goal. I am always ready for new challenges and new chances to enhance not only myself but also my ideas.

Business idea/Company

We are Snapfood, we bring people together around the dinner table. So imagine you come home from a hard days of work and you just found out that your room mates and friends already made plans for dinner.  Now you can of course order a pizza, but that’s just boring! Just take your Snapfood app and see who else is cooking in your neighbourhood. Pay online, receive the address and join for dinner!

Educational background

I study Chemical Engineering and will join Team Fast to support the chemical and marketing team.


One time I created a delicious meal and thought I am sure that a block away somebody is also hungry and looking for a meal. If I would only be able to share it somewhere on a platform… To let people know I cooked. And so it all began…


Together with our team we want to become the national and international platform for sharing dinners so you can eat meet share everywhere!