Robin Provilij – Coming soon

Who are you?

Robin Provilij, 1993

Business idea/Company


Much like white blood cells protect the human body against an infectious disease, our vision is that drones protect our ecosystem against any form of societal decay.

At SPEAR, we are developing what we believe will be the next generation of unmanned vehicles, enabling any type of drone to perform the functions they are designed for, at length. We are building a lighter-than-air ‘mothership’ that will carry drones to a desired location and recharge them upon the completion of a task. Our mission: to extend the operational range of existing UAV service providers in a wide variety of drone market.

Educational background

Human-Technology Interaction (MSc) – Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (2015-Present)

Aviation Management (BSc) – Florida Institute of Technology (2011-2015)


Never before in human history has there been a better time to innovate.


To manage a fleet of drones that manage themselves.