Thijn Kolk

Who are you?

I am Thijn Kolk, born on 21 June 1996 in Oldenzaal, a city near Enschede.Started with Photoshop when I was 12 years old and learning ever since. Now experienced in most adobe programmes and specialized in graphic design and printing for commercial marketing.

Business idea/Company

Last year in October I founded E.S.E.V Zephyr, is a pioneer in the area of eSports within the Netherlands. Zephyr is a sport association and is a part of ESSF because of it. Zephyr has the goal to bring a more serious attitude towards competitive gaming. We train, have coaches, competitions and tournaments, just like any sport association. Still running some PR there and working on the future housing of the association.In February I started with JimFIT, what began as a ID project is now still growing into a developed product. Last Wednesday I presented at the Kijk tech-awards were we won the 4th place. JimFIT is currently doing research with (movement) researchers on Saxion Enschede. At this very moment we are working on perfecting the algorithm. JimFIT is a wearable sensor system for full body motion capture. JimFIT is completely wireless, portable and adaptive. The system adapts to your needs, because you can place our wearable sensors on every moving limb of the human body and in that way you are able to measure any movement you like.

In march I joined the project Aucasi, that started as a smart plug for home automation. With this concept we did a Kickstarter in September, but we failed. We are not beaten that easily, we decided we had to look for a specific strength we can specialize in as a company. We came up with the idea, a way to track location of people in building, without using anything else then their own body. Due to IP reasons I cannot tell you how we do it. We are able to locate people without needing a line of sight, we can see through walls. Or to compare it with basic motion sensors, if a person is standing still a motion sensor cannot see the person, we can!

And last but not least my own:
Started as Twooze Design, a logo and graphic design freelancer 4 years ago. At this moment in time the name changed to TK works, and not only am I making graphic designs as a freelancer but I also specialized in printing and stitching all kinds of products. This sums it up:
The beauty of logos is the way they can tell stories in just a glance.
When it comes to stories, a great story needs to be spread right? Why shouldn’t your logo?
The last couple of years I have been specializing in printing and stitching all kinds of materials.
Together with my passion for logo design this leads to a great variety of products.

Educational background

I have a VWO diploma. After I did the first year of the study P&T at Eindhoven, where I learned a lot about human-technology interaction and the psychology of people (for me the most interesting thing was how people perceive things, example would be colours in logo design.) Just after 9 months of studying P&T I figured it was not my study, although I love the subjects, I am just someone who needs to work with my creativity and hands. Industrial Design at the TU was the perfect switch for me, right now I am in the second year!


I just love making things look good, that is probably the biggest reason I got involved in all these companies.


I think my mail goals would probably be to figure out what I love to do for a living. Learning to know who I am and what I want to do is really important for me.And I love to build up my CV and network, last year I have been talking with many experts, CEOs and others of big companies. Not that I am sure I would ever do anything with these networks, it is always a good thing.