Brian Velda

Who are you?

I’m a man who is Curious and eager to Learn, one who is fascinated in the states of order and chaos. My name is Brian, how nice it is to meet you!

Business idea/Company

Banax education is platform that can be used as a tool to realise communication, projects and work between companies and students. To offer students the possibility to build a network and practical experience. And offer companies the possibility to collaborate with students and outsource projects. Banax education is a division of banax, which is orientated towards professionals.

Educational background

I studied Economics in Maastricht and currently studying Industrial Design & Physics.


It began from the perspective of students, the transition from education to the next step. I really wanted to improve on this process. To give knowledge a purpose and the possibility to realise ideas. Obtaining knowledge is one thing but realising it after is still far from common.


To provide an output for knowledge and become a solution that is sustainable for a long period of time. And to assist in the flexible trend of working and learning by giving individuals as well as companies a low threshold to collaborate.