Cas van Grunsven

Who are you?

Cas van Grunsven

Business idea/Company


Rehabilitate faster, easier and better with JimTECH for physiotherapy. With JimTECH for physiotherapy, we enable patients to get real-time feedback and monitoring of their homework exercises they perform at home. In this way, therapy adherence grows and patients will be more engaged with the physiotherapy practice. Besides JimTECH for physiotherapy, JimFIT delivers other human motion body tracking solutions. Our JimNODE Studio software offers great possibilities to analyse human motion. Live-stream, record and upload motion data on any bluetooth-enabled device. JimNODE Studio is available via a web-portal or the iOs or Android app.

Educational background

Industrial design TU Eindhoven 2015 – current


I am inspired by the upcoming movement of Quantified-Self and how this can improves people’s lives. Besides that I am inspired by Elon Musk by how he thinks about future plans and tries te be a pioneer. His companies are mostly pioneering in new fields in order to create a new market.


Making rehabilitation easier, better and more efficient. Lowering healthcare costs. Improving sports performance by innovation.