Danny van der Haven


Who are you?

Danny van der Haven, 1995

Business idea/Company

Ares Analytics is currently focused on the non-invasive assessment of athlete performance. Through combining multiple signals we aim to assess the sustainability of the current exercise intensity at which the athlete is performing. By showing athletes exactly where their limits are we help them optimize their training to reach their full potential.

Educational background

BSc. Biomedical Engineering, MSc. student Chemical Engineering


My inspiration and drive comes from the many things around me. In many of the wonderful people around me I see amazing different qualities that are worth to aspire to and drive me to be the best version of myself. But what is most beautiful of all is how these different talents lead to the amazing innovations and pieces of technology, some of which we see around us every day. When seeing these, I cannot help but wonder and desire to know what more can be made and discovered.


To discover and create in the areas of science and technology as much as I can during my lifetime.