Eloisa Kompier


Who are you?

My name is Eloisa Kompier.
My name is Fangyi Fu.

Business idea/Company

NEWBE Design Studio is a young design company based on the Netherlands. Our vision is to consider human aspect in the digital world with the aim to improve people’s everyday lives. We provide solutions to different issues in people’s everyday life. For example, we creat e a smarter yet more friendly way to track your life progress everyday, as well as record your inspirations and sketches in a more organized way ( detail concept check our company website). NEWBE Design is founded by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

We are a team with a mixed skill of designing and engineering. Here are the brief introduction of us.

Eloisa Kompier  Designer/ Creative Director
Fangyi Fu.          Designer/ Strategy Director

Educational background

We are both Industrial designer.
We are from industrial design department in TU/e.


We want to improve people’s everyday life by our well-designed products. We see so many opportunities in our lives that we can design products to make it better. So why not go for it!


Sell the first product in 6 months. Founded early staged company in one year.


We are working on our company website. The website will be released in two weeks.