Fabian Wouters


Who are you?

My name is Fabian Wouters and I was born on the 24th of april in 1993. I grew up in Breda and I am currently living in Eindhoven.

Educational background

I have completed my bachelor degree at the Fontys (University of Professional Education) studying Applied Science. During this study I have learned a lot about Chemistry and also how to design and perform my own experiments. I wanted to further develop myself and gain more knowledge so afterwards I also started and completed a premaster for the master Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry which I am currently following since May 2016. My interests in this field lie in organic chemistry, smart materials and nanotechnology.


In the futher I would like to become a scientist who works in the R&D department of a large company. Here I want to be working on challenging subjects where I would also like it when the subjects provide sustainable and innovative solutions to problems correlating to environmental or green energy subjects.