Janno Triepels

Who are you?

My name is Janno Triepels and I work as a technical consultant for Sure Innovation. Furthermore, I am a member of the admissions committee of Sure. I am working there since February and started my first project in March in which we tend to develop a detection method to monitor the healing of bone fractures by acoustic measurements. Currently, I am doing my second year of my Master Medical Engineering at the Biomedical Imaging and Modeling research group. This year, the main focus will lie on my working activities at Sure and perform research at the department of Biomedical Engineering. Next year, I will start my graduation internship which will be in a clinical environment. Besides my study and Sure, I play music as much as I can. I am a member in a few orchestra’s in which I play percussion. Furthermore, I play piano since I was young. My other hobbies include cooking and running.

Business idea/Company

Sure Innovation matches excellent master students to technical companies to work on study-related projects during their studies. In the execution of such a project, students will be guided by professional project managers, project leaders and teachers from Sure Innovation and the TU/e to maximize the learning curve for the student and the quality of the delivered product to the client. By doing so, companies benefit of motivated students with the latest knowledge and students are able to get relevant work-experience during their studies.

Educational background

Before my master studies, I studied mechanical engineering at the University of applied Sciences in Heerlen. After one per-master year, I started my master Medical Engineering.


I don’t really think I have one inspiration. There are qualities I admire in a lot of people and every one of them has his own vision and his own ideas about how to tackle the future. I think it is best to listen to people, consider and think of what they say before making my own plan.


My goal is to become a Clinical Physicist in the field of radiology one day and to work in a hospital as close to the patients as possible.