Jop van der Kemp

Who are you?

Jop van der Kemp, 1994

Business idea/Company

Founder of Lunch Learners.
We read, analyze and present books, so you don’t have to. We are a group of students from the TU/e with different study orientations, backgrounds and interests. We developed a method to extract knowledge from books to a visual overview which we present. The mission is to develop these students to become a speaker, give them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and get them in contact with companies while earning money.
We present at educational institutes, multinationals and SMEs. These institutes get the content of a book, presented within one hour while they have lunch. A social and fun way to ‘read’ books.

Educational background

Construction (bachelor), Lean green belt
Innovation Management (master)


There is so much valuable knowledge in books, people who spent a lot of time exploring and developing new concepts and insights put these on paper. These people are the best mentors out there. The best part is that we can own this knowledge for a small amount of money, there is one problem: time. We want to enable people to get access to this knowledge, even when they are short on time, or do not like to read.