Levi Prikken


Who are you?

My name is Levi Prikken and I am always enthusiastic about new exciting challenges. I use this enthusiasm as one of my main strengths to enjoy life as much as possible. I love to collaborate and brainstorm together to think of new concepts and strategies, but also enjoy some regular bonding with some nice drinks.

Business idea/Company

I have no company.

Educational background

I am a Master student Industrial and Applied Mathematics. I started this year and am following some courses in statistics and data science.


I love to challenge myself to learn new things, so I get involved in a lot of different organizations. I want to make the most of my career and the path leading to it, to feel fulfilled when reaching my pension far away in the future.


I want to know everything, so my goal is to achieve this impossible mindset as best as I can and enjoy the road leading to it.