Robert de Bruijne

Who are you?

I am Robert de Bruijne. I love challenging myself business wise but also with sports like kite surfing and volleyball. Something I really like to do is to have random conversations with people on the streets or in the train for example. I find these conversations very interesting as you get to speak to a lot of people who are all unique and different. One of the questions I like to address, for example, is ‘Do you think there is a God?’ These conversations often end very surprisingly.

Business idea/Company

At Sheep, we noticed that a lot of people are sleeping worse than possible. Since we are students that don’t always sleep well, this problem was personally very applicable. We decided to take on this challenge and try to improve people’s sleep by utilizing smart solutions.

Educational background

I am a second year mechanical engineering student at the TU/e. I enjoy everything that is mechanically moving 😀 During high school I worked on various projects concerning mechanical engineering that taught me a lot of hands-on experience with projects which is very valuable to me as ‘theoretical’ university student.


The Bible is my biggest source of inspiration and wisdom.


My goal is to keep challenging myself to make sure I don’t stop learning.