Rokus Ottervanger

Who are you?

Rokus Ottervanger. I am a robotics engineer with experience in the fields of service robotics and self-driving cars.

Business idea/Company

RUVU makes navigation software for mobile robots. Our product is very flexible in its applications, can handle a great variety of environments and it has no problems working together with people. We make your robot behave as it should.

Educational background

I have a bachelor and master in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Technology Eindhoven. During my master, I specialized in control systems design and moved more and more toward robotics. During my studies, I did internships in both London, UK and San Diego, California. I graduated in the group of Maarten Steinbuch.


I love the way Elon Musk sets his goals at what others think is impossible.


I strive to make RUVU a well-known name in robotics software around the world and use this name to improve the lives of normal people.