Sjoerd de Nijs

Who are you?

Sjoerd de Nijs, 1993, Co-founder of eMinds.

Business idea/Company

Our goal is to increase the impact of your knowledge! Learning the way we are evolutionary programmed and successively store it the same way. So nobody, no individual and no company will ever lose valuable knowledge again. We invest so much valuable time in learning, for a good reason. Learning new things and acquiring knowledge stands at the basis of improvement, novelty, innovation and therefore success. So investing time in learning, gathering knowledge and making it meaningful makes a lot of sense. What doesn’t make sense is how we use the knowledge we once learned – what do you remember of your education? eMinds aims to develop software that solves this problem. Creating one place for all your knowledge, stored in an intuitive and radial fashion. Your personalized knowledge database enables you to retrieve knowledge where and whenever you need it.

Educational background

Master Innovation Management, IE&IS


Elon Mulk, Jan Rotmans…


Having a positive impact on my surrounding…