Tom Sommers

Who are you?

Tom Sommers. I am an enthusiastic and motivated student who likes his study but loves to use his knowledge on real world challenges. Linking the academic world to the business world, right now by being a part of Team FAST; a place where I can use my know-how to create a new suitable fuel. I like to take the initiative and the responsibility that comes with it.

Business idea/Company

Team FAST is a student team working on the applications of Formic Acid as a sustainable energy carrier and fuel. Generating electricity from a liquid and efficiently producible hydrogen carrier. Having created two working small-scale prototypes we are now working on a full-size 25kW system.

Educational background

I am currently in my third year of Electrical Engineering gaining a lot of theoretical knowledge. Working in a student team however I’m gaining a lot of soft skills. Working with some amazing companies and a team that constantly pushes itself and myself to reach goals and deadlines that would have seemed impossible at the start. I am studying to be an engineer but without losing sight of the environmental and economic impact.


For me, inspiration should come from the people around you. I like to live by the saying: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”. I try to surround myself with people from whom I can learn, people who inspire me to be better.


I don’t have an end goal in mind (yet). I love what I’m doing right now and want to keep working on innovative technologies, in uncharted territory and with motivated people. Starting by setting the new industry standard for liquid, sustainable fuel.