Tumsa Letif

Who are you?

Tumsa Letif, Treasurer of the Eindhoven Student Business Club.

Business idea/Company

The Eindhoven Student Business Club organizes events to spark entrepreneurial interest in TU/e students by organizing lectures and providing workshops for students giving them with the proper tools to go from an idea to a business plan. In addition we provide activities for students that are currently running a business where they can get to know one another, share experiences and create a network that generates a mutual value for participants.

Educational background

Mechanical Engineering


My inspiration is the constant flow of new teams and ideas that students from different educational backgrounds develop, groundbreaking and disruptive innovations brought forward with intellect and creativity.


A TU wide network of student entrepreneurs that openly share their experiences of the steps they took in order to stimulate entrepreneurship and keep student entrepreneurs from having to reinvent the wheel every step of the road