Jochem Manders


Who are you?

My name is Jochem Manders. I have lived in Eindhoven ever since I started studying at the TU/e and in my spare time, I like to mountainbike and play the guitar.

Business idea/Company

Our company named Jakx is developing an unmanned, secure wardrobe system which guarantees that your coat won’t be stolen. Whether you are in a bar, a theatre or any place you need to hang your coat, our system makes sure that it’s safe in two easy steps. Right now, we are developing new prototypes and are researching different market segments to ensure a succesfull product introduction.

Educational background

I started studying Mechanical Engineering in 2013. As of now, I’m finishing up my Bachelor End Project and in Q3 I will start with the Master Control Systems Technology.


My inspiration for the idea of an unmanned wardrobe system was simply experiencing the problem of having your coat stolen and the discomfort of current wardrobe solutions. Furthermore, some great inspirations of mine are major tech entrepreneurs, such as Ben Horowitz and Elon Musk.


My main goal is of course to get my Master’s degree, but a close second is to make Jakx a success.