The biggest announcement in Eindhoven’s startup ecosystem is a new partnership between TU/e and HighTechXL.

HighTechXL and Eindhoven University of Technology joined forces to accelerate TU/e’s tech startups.
Starting in 2018, TU/e startup teams will be able to benefit from the combined knowledge, networks and expertise, turning technology into business.

To mark the beginning of this partnership, we offer a full day of mentorship on February 19th, 2018.

5 reasons for you to take part:

  1. Expand your network with real connections to valuable contacts.
  2. Get immediate feedback from industry experts on the challenges you are facing.
  3. Obtain additional support to face those challenges from both TU/e and HighTechXL
  4. Tap into proven business knowledge of a global program, turning tech into products.
  5. Challenge your business assumptions and create alternative routes to market

In preparation, TU/e startup teams are invited to sign up for a one-hour coaching session, leveraging the expertise of HighTechXL’s top leaders.
Sessions are scheduled for January 11, 12, 18 and 19.

Get to know HighTechXL and experience the value of their approach, the first step toward possibly joining HighTechXL. For now, no strings attached!

Register for your coaching session here:


HighTechXL is powered by the Eindhoven Startup Alliance with support from ABN AMRO, ASML, BOM, Brainport Development, EY, HVG Law, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, NTS Group, Philips and the City of Eindhoven.