Why a community

We believe that the best way to prepare and start as an entrepreneur is to match you with the right people. STARTUP/eindhoven has close relations with a wide range of fellow entrepreneurs, friends and seasoned coaches who are able to show you how it is done, or could be done. We expect you to follow your own path, these people are there to pave the way and open doors.

Community members

The members of the community were carefully selected to fit the needs of our startups. Together, they provide a tailor made mix of expertise and relevant contacts. Our friends are specialists that are able to answer your questions in a certain discipline. Our collection of coaches is a mix of seasoned entrepreneurs and/or  managers who have been selected based on their network in the markets you are targeting.

How to join

Want to meet up with a community member? The easy option is to search the right person and contact him or her directly via the profile pages. The other option is contacting the team, which is able to provide matchmaking services with community members as well as the wider community of communities.

Meet our community members


Our network consists of a wide variety of business-partners, all willing to help you. Interested in who they are and what they can offer you? Read more


Setting up your business without any help is difficult. STARTUP/eindhoven is proud of the wide variety of coaches who are willing to spend their precious time on helping you. They are all entrepreneurs with lots of experience. Take a look at profiles and expertise. Maybe one of them could become your coach? Read more


Here you can find out all about the entrepreneurs that are a member of STARTUP/eindhoven. See who they are, what their business is all about and what motivates them. More information here.


Find out which intrapreneurs are working for SURE Innovation and who bring their newly acquired knowledge into practice. Read about their background and their experiences when contributing to all those innovative projects of SME’s. Perhaps it’s something for you too? Read more here.

Team STARTUP/eindhoven

Ever wondered who are all involved in the organization of STARTUP/eindhoven? Learn more about the background of those familiar faces


Many entrepreneurial students have aligned and formed the official Eindhoven Student Business Club. If you want to represent your fellow students and have your say in important matters, join the board. More information on the ESBC can be found here