Need for Intrapreneurs

Besides more entrepreneurs, society is also eagerly waiting for intrapreneurs. People that will not become regular office clerks, but want to challenge existing principles. Who dare to go beyond boundaries. People with an attitude to make change. Perhaps this is you?

SURE-Innovation for you

Maybe you have that entrepreneurial attitude, but you just lack a good business idea. Or perhaps you think you are not the person to start your own company, but you do want to work in an entrepreneurial setting. Then you have come to the right place. SURE Innovation might just be something for you!

Our offer

SURE innovation offers high potential students the possibility to experience what it is like to work in the field that he or she is currently trained for. No regular assignments, but true innovative challenges. Very often SME’s run into the same problem: they lack certain specific knowledge to further develop their product or service. And if the knowledge is available, then it is often against a high price. SURE Innovation is the solution!

For excellent students

As a student, you have the opportunity to work on projects that require a high level of specialized knowledge. While bringing theory into practice, you also receive a good hourly payment and improve your CV in the meantime. Maybe you helped that one groundbreaking innovation reach the market?

For SME’s

For a company, working with SURE Innovation means that you have a dedicated and highly motivated team of students work on your innovation. You define your own projects (max 3 to 6 months) which contain challenges that you need help on. Before you know it, the team will be working just for you! Oh and by the way, cost wise speaking you are also a winner, because we do not charge the typical consultant rates.


Hans van Dinteren

Hans van Dinteren

Phone: 3592 / 0633604588



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